¡viva genevieve!

Embracing change through travel and culinary discovery



If you want the real deal Andalusian tapa experience you must visit Eslava on Calle Eslava. I think this restaurant serves the best food in Sevilla, so good that it fills up fast so it’s best to get there for lunch just before it opens at 12.30pm. The tapas are well priced too with all of them around the 2.50 euro mark and all are beautifully presented with a modern take on authentic cuisine. I recommend the pork solomillo with blue cheese sauce and the pork costillas coated in sweet thick Spanish honey, delicioso! The fish dishes are tasty too and the house wine is just as impressive. Make sure you don’t leave Sevilla without experiencing this taste of Spain!


This beautiful but sleepy hotel is about 8 kms out of Sevilla in the small town of Gines where I was teaching English. Although a little out of the way from the centre of Sevilla, if you happen to be staying in this area I highly recommend the restaurant at this hotel. Its not just for guests and it has some beautiful tapas including Ox tail croquettes and goats cheese flamanquin. Well presented too.


Not a typical restaurant for classic Andalusian tapas but delicious and unique all the same. I felt this trendy and atmospheric restaurant was a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian flavours and everything on the menu seemed to pack a flavour punch. Highly recommended especially if you have tried all of the Sevillian classics.


My god Rayas is like ice cream heaven right here in Sevilla. I cant say Sevilla does gelato better than Italy ( who can??) but the Rayas heladeria really comes quite close. Mainly in their innovative and creative flavour range that attacks your senses in the best of ways as soon as you walk through the doors. All of the flavours a bursting with goodies like cakes, pastries, nuts and chocolates. There are a couple of stores in the centre but the one located just near the outer streets of the centre seems to be less busy so its a good place to stop in and sit to enjoy your ice cream.


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