¡viva genevieve!

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I believe the name of this beautiful side alley vegetarian restaurant means “Ginger and Cinnamon” which is fitting for the beautifully seasoned and tasty buffet menu they serve here.Personally I am not a vegetarian but the food here is so tasty you won’t even miss not having the meat! We paid around 7 euro here to have a 3 course buffet ( with seconds if you’re up for it!) and we even had some great conversations with the Chef who was very dedicated to making sure we were happy with our food. If I lived in Faro, this would be my regular.


This was my absolute favourite restaurant from all of my travels! A very quaint alley way restaurant that you really need to make a reservation for as they only serve a certain amount of people each night. This is great as it gives a really authentic, homely atmosphere where you can wine and dine all evening. One of teh best things about Portas de Sao Pedro is that the kitchen is right there in front you like you are sitting in somebody’s beautiful home and they are preparing an authentic and tasty meal for you. Simple flavours, the best ingredients and something great for everyone to try. The Carob and Lemon cake was so light and delicate with a beautiful flavour punch. This is a must visit.


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