¡viva genevieve!

Embracing change through travel and culinary discovery


Ristorante Pizzeria Don Lisander

My wonderful couch surfing hosts took me here for my last night in Como to enjoy pizza in Italy for the first time! This is a perfect pizzeria especially if you know the insider tips on the menu. Here they have all you can eat pizza for 12 euro pp, once you finish one they just keep coming! Any flavours you want from the menu. The pizza is very Italian, pure, simple, good flavours and the bases were delicious. The all you can eat is not advertised or written on the menu so you need to ask for it, a handy local tip!

Enoteca Cava Turacciolo – Bellagio

This is where I had my amazing cheese board and prosecco. This enoteca is quite the gem, hidden down the quieter end of Bellagio and down a side street, it is cosy and inviting with an amazing selection of wine and a great menu. I had the “strong” cheese platter with gorgonzola a type similar to camembert and the best one was served in olive oil and piccante, it tasted like a strong feta. The cheeses were served with bread, a sweet jam and some very dulce local honey. The drink also came with tasty big apertivo olives.


The best spontaneous decision I made during my time Como! Whilst wandering trying to find a good place for a coffee I came across this decadent and dangerous looking cafe. I first saw the caffé meringato which was espresso topped with meringue and I had to try it. I struggle to embrace the italian way of drinking espresso coffee but this place does specialty espresso extremely well, theres a whole variety of sweet accents they add to the simple and strong espresso. I then saw the torte. A beautiful sponge and chocolate torte layered with hazelnuts, drizzled with pure chocolate and topped with whipped cream. Pure Italian chocolate heaven. Don’t even think, just do it, after walking all day you need the calories!


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