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San Francisco


About a kilometer down from the centre of downtown Sausalito is a fairly hidden little gem in the form of the Sausalito Taco Shop. Cycling that little bit further through the town centre means less people and more time to enjoy the food and laid back feel of small town Sausalito. When I arrived at the Taco shop there were only 3 other customers meaning my food was prompt and carefully prepared. The menu states that they started with only 6 tacos and looking further in to their story, the couple who run the business moved here from Cabo San Lucas to share their traditional mexican cuisine. I ordered the prawn and the fish tacos that come with their own traditional sauces and cilantro. Each table is presented with salsa verde and salsa rojo and their own sour cream. This place is a lot less tourist focused than the rest of the eateries in Sausalito so definitely worth a look.


The Mission is probably my favorite part of San Francisco. This is the little Mexico of the city and is host to numerous authentic and hidden away mexican restaurants that showcase beautiful and traditional mexican cuisine. El Techo is a roof top bar serving traditional Latin American Street Food and delicious cocktails. As a popular destination there is usually a waiting line but lucky for us we weren’t too far down the line. We were escorted in to the elevator where we rode to the top floor to fantastic views of the city and a vibrant cultural night life. The mezcal tequila margaritas are something quite exotic with hints of smoky flavor amongst the salt and lime. One of my favorites, amazing food and cocktails and a great vibe.

American Fast food!

American Fast food!


Ok so I am in America, the land that invented fast food so it had to be done! And being in California, In ‘n’ Out is the place to go for fast food. A california based food chain, In ‘n’ out is much like others of its kind but it is unique to this area and it reportedly even has a secret menu which you can order from if you’re an In ‘n’ Out expert. The burger was actually really good, chips are much the same as Mc Donald’s and other chains and the chillies on the side were extremely fiery! The drink selection was good, a free refill system which has Iced Tea and Traditional Lemonade as an option. Must do if you are in California!


Behind a bright orange sign laid against a charcoal background is a vibrant small chain taco shop full of delicious mexican food and $5 happy hour margaritas. With four locations in California Tacolicious has a loyal following and very good prices if you pick the right time. I ordered the taco of the week which happened to be the braised pork which happens to be my favorite taco flavor! With this came complimentary corn chips with a beautiful house made salsa verde containing roma tomatoes, yellow onions, jalapeños, cilantro, mint and rice wine vinegar. I was also treated to a selection of three dipping sauces to accompany my taco. Along with a couple of happy hour margaritas, this was a tasty, filling and cheap meal to have out.


After ordering a sandwich with “the works” unsure of what “the works” actually was, we sat down in the modest outdoor area next to the brightly colored food truck. As soon as we sat we were exposed to the loud and festive brazilian music that compliments the food at Pedro’s Brazil Cafe, just outside of the Berkley campus grounds. The menu consists of sandwiches, salads, rice bowls and smoothies and as I found out with the “Obama” sandwich and a mango smoothie, they are to die for! I’m not sure if this is actual brazilian food but this was definitely the best sandwich I have ever tasted. The “Obama” had a pulled pork base with a garlic cilantro sauce, pineapple and jalapeños. The rest of the menu looked like a culinary discovery with brazilian tostadas and Mediterranean chicken rice plates. A regular spot for students and a hole in the wall for travelers, I highly recommend paying a visit to Pedro’s Cafe.

Elk Burger and Truffle-Parmesan French Fries.

Elk Burger and Truffle-Parmesan French Fries.


This earth conscious burger joint with a commitment to sustainable produce is where I ate my first Elk. Well my first part of an Elk, in a burger pattie. I didn’t even know what an Elk was (still don’t really) but it was delicious. You can also treat you taste buds to a bison burger and some truffle-parmesan seasoned french fries. With lots of flavor combinations to choose from this was my favorite burger eatery that I had dined at in a long time. It seems to be extremely popular so choose your times wisely or just opt for takeaway.


Located in downtown Mission, this is where I had me first ever Mexican! I say first ever because in NZ I don’t think we have many authentic Mexican places to eat. This was my favorite place for tacos in San Fran, so simple and so delicious. You must try la lengua tacos and the carnitas.


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