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Whilst spending 3 or 4 beautiful (although a little rainy) days in Como I decided to take a quick trip over the border to Switzerland and visit the quaint lakeside town of Lugano. As you cross the border from Italy to Switzerland, even from the change from the very North of Italy you can immediately tell that you are now in Switzerland. There is a certain structurally and orderly feel whenever you enter Swiss domain.

While I was here I took the typical tourist tram to see the city as I wasn’t really sure where to start. A word of advice, make sure you wear a good bra, this tram is not exactly a smooth ride. It does however take you to both sights where you can take the funicular up to the top of either Monte Bré or Monte San Salvatore. From here you can get off and catch the tram back in to the centre later, probably worth it for the 6 euros. I didn’t take either of the funicular trips as the main one was under going maintenance so it would only take passengers up half way. Instead I headed for the hills and walked up to the top to see the Chiesa Santa Maria deli Angeli, the church that can be seen from the edge of Lake Lugano as you enter the centre from the station. From here I got some spectacular views and for free so they were even better!

This is a great little day trip if you are staying in Northern Italy, just remember the currency change. One afternoon here was enough for me as like any trip in Switzerland it made for an expensive outing!


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