¡viva genevieve!

Embracing change through travel and culinary discovery


The Alcazár

This beautiful Moorish palace is a must see. When I went they were using part of it to film for the latest season of Game of Thrones so some of it was off limits but you could see why they wanted to film there. The architecture is so intricate and beautiful you cant help but be overwhelmed and fascinated by it all. A nice afternoon out, there is a coffee shop on the grounds too so you can stop and regather your strength to continue on around the enormous site. Adults- 9.50 euro

María Luisa Park

A wonderful and free way to spend your afternoon in Sevilla. Greenery, tiles and Moorish style seating areas situated throughout this large expansive park. It’s amazing to have such a tranquil place right amidst a bustling city.

Plaza De España

Another beautiful and fascinating example of Spanish and Andalucían architecture. The plaza is imposing and intricately detailed and provides a great place to just wander and appreciate this southern city. There are tiled plaques the whole way around the plaza dedicated to the cities of Spain and it is possible to hire a paddle boat to have a romantic paddle around the entire plaza too.

Monastery of Santa Inés

This really is a must do in Sevilla, a visit to a local monastery to purchase homemade sweets to support the nuns and the convent. The sweets are usually in the form of biscuits or pastries and are clearly made with love and traditional recipes. The prices are good, they taste great and the experience is very unique. There are several around the city, this one I really enjoyed.


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