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Capela Dos Ossos

The church of bones, located in the centre of Faro, is probably the most well-known tourist site here and it is well worth a look. The church itself is quite beautiful but the chapel of bones is the most fascinating. This chapel is made from the exhumed skeletons from a nearby cemetery of former monks as a tribute of sorts to the brevity of life and also because the cemetery was overcrowded! It is said that there are about 1200 skeletons laid in the walls of this chapel. It’s fascinating to see the skulls, femurs and vertebrae protruding from the walls around you, even displaced pieces have been left in the places where they have fallen. At only 2 euro a visit you can’t pass this one up, it usually closes at about midday and reopens at 3pm until 5 or 6.


Take the boat from Faro mainland to this sandbar island and spend the day basking in the sun and isolation. When we first arrived on the island after a 20 minute ferry journey, we were surprised to see that it really is a “deserted island”. To be honest we did think that maybe it wasn’t a great day trip idea after all with the one bar/restaurant as literally the only thing on the island. But when we found ourselves a nice spot to settle for the day we realised how amazing it is to be on a beautiful sandy beach with barely anyone else in sight. The island isn’t big but it is large enough that you can find your own little patch of beach and feel like you have the whole island to yourself.


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