¡viva genevieve!

Embracing change through travel and culinary discovery



What a great idea, live music, drinks, good company, bowling and skating all in one room. This cool little club lives by the motto “Fuck it dude let’s go bowling” with the neon lights and live band theres a great atmosphere here. There are 3 bowling lanes in the centre of the club where you can bowl for 20 minutes at a time and when your time is up you can get a drink from the bar and listen to the latest up and coming band or you can get your skates on and bust some moves around the dance floor. As this was my first time skating, I wasn’t busting many moves, one woman even said to me ” I was going to try the skating…. but then I saw you!” That’s ok I still had a blast!


The old Philips industrial area is now a haven for young designers and trendy bars and cafes. It’s worth checking out, especially if you are flying in or out of Eindhoven Airport. Theres a whole Design Academy here where we were able to check out an exhibition of carpets made out of anything and everything! Chocolate, paper clips, toy soldiers, sponges, pegs, kebab sticks! There seems to be lots happening here so if you can, try and check out an exhibition.


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