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A fantastic street market spanning the length of the street bearing the same name, these markets had been running since 1904. Here you can get traditional dutch cheeses and stroopwafels that are made fresh. The market has a whole range of fresh food, unique clothing and accessories and even bicycles! Its a nice stroll down to the end and its not a market that just has a whole lot of crappy cheap items, theres some decent products here.


When you come across the line waiting outside Anne Frank’s not so ordinary (anymore) looking house you may want think blow it and walk the other way. Thats what I thought at first but then I realised the line was only ever really 45minutes long and there is free WiFi while you wait so its not really that bad. I think this is well worth visiting especially if you have an interest in WWII and if you have read the book. Anne’s father wanted to keep the rooms bare in honor of the fact that the people who once inhabited them are no longer with us so it is a little solemn visiting them but by the same token it’s also a very powerful statement. The fact that so many people are filing through the house at one time takes away some of the atmosphere there but it is fascinating to see where Anne has decorated the walls and to see where they were hidden. 9 Euros to visit and theres a lot to learn there.


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