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One of the main attractions in the city of Turin is the National Cinema Museum. A building that was initially meant to be a synagogue displays the history of cinema on five different floors, beginning with the earliest optical devices and moving through the increasing technological advances up to the production of cinema we see today. The museum is highly interactive and has a lot of interesting history behind it. After moving through the cinematic journey from still pictures to 3D motion pictures you can take a break and lay back in a lounger to watch old silent films or you can explore the history of the Oscar award winners and the designers behind their dresses. After viewing the museum you can take the panoramic lift to the top for some spectacular views of the city. A student ticket for both the cinema and the lift costs 11 euro.


If you are interested in taking a detour from the main attractions in Turin, a small but fantastic museum to visit is the Anatomy Museum. This museum dates back to 1739 and displays old wax models that were used to study anatomy, even the ones that display inaccurate depictions of the human body. There are many dried and preserved parts of the human anatomy and skeletons of all sorts. They have here a skeleton of Giacomo Borghello a man born in 1810 and who reached the height of 2.19 meters tall. When I was here I was the only person in the museum so I had the whole place to explore on my own. If you are interested in anatomy then this is a fascinating museum. Costs 5 euros.


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