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Cinque Terre


Monterosso was my first stop in Cinque Terre and also my last as I visited the beach here the day before I did the entire walk. I spent the afternoon wandering the area and swimming and then I walked the 1.5 hours to Levanto (not part of Cinque Terre but another good walking trail). Here there is of course the beautiful beach which is packed with holiday goers and also some nice viewing spots such as a beautiful hilltop church and cemetery which is a nice short walk to the top. The towns main specialities are lemons and anchovies. they do a beautiful Limoncino and practically anything that can be made from lemons they make right here. Great stop for a relaxing day.


I started my walk of all five villages in Riomaggiore. Of course it is a beautiful town although I found it a little crowded and it was hard to get a good feel for it. There are great viewing spots here and plenty of nice cafes and restaurants. Seeing the colorful houses truly is special, photos don’t seem to do it justice.


The first stop after Riomaggiore is Manarola, very similar to Riomaggiore but a little smaller.This is potentially the oldest village of the five and includes the lovers walk from Riomaggiore which was closed when I did it, lucky because I was going solo so it wouldn’t have been much fun!


To be honest I didn’t stop long here, just enough time to get some great shots of the houses and some of the scenery on the way ( also i quick gelato stop!). Corniglia seems very similar to Riomaggiore, maybe a little bigger, the walk here from Riomaggiorie passes through some beautiful hillside vineyards that are quite spectacular to see.


What a breathtaking sight when you start approaching Vernazza after walking for almost 4.5 hours. I think this is probably the most beautiful of the five villages and has that great fishing village vibe. I wish I could have spent more time here but I had to get to the end and finish in Monterosso. This is the village I would go back to to spend some more time. Only an hours walk from Monterosso.


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