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The Asinelli tower was built in 1109 and stands along with a smaller tower in the middle of the entrance to the Porta Ravegnana square. It costs 3 euro to enter and gives an amazing view of the entire city. It is 97.20 meters high and consists of 498 steps. It is extremely hot inside walking up the narrow winding staircase, so expect to be sweating when you get to the top. The two towers here were originally used for military defense and signaling as well as indicating the prestige of the noble families that constructed them.


As with all good sights whilst traveling I came across this one whilst looking for something else. I had the little building marked on the map that the woman in my hostel gave me but the whole time I thought I was experiencing a different sight of Bologna. It wasn’t until I researched this a bit further that I realised that I had seen something completely different!And I am glad I found it.

The complex of San Michele in Bosco has the most spectacular almost panoramic view of Bologna city and with only a short walk up a windy steep hill you come across this magnificent building boasting a wide terrace to take in the view. Inside is a beautifully crafted church from the 15th century.Today inside the walls of the complex, beyond the church it is home to the Rizolli Orthopedic Institutes and the longest corridor in Bologna (162m)! The window at the end of the corridor frames the Asinelli tower and as you move further and further down the hall you can experience an optical illusion where the tower seems to get closer to you the further you move away.The view from outside the church is well worth it and better yet it’s free!!


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