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Heidelberg is a historic town on the river Neckar boasting a beautiful old town and an elaborate castle that is partially in ruins after being destroyed several times in the thirty years’ war. The castle overlooks the old town and the river and is a great place to get a beautifully scenic view of the area.

We took a walking tour of the city in Heidelberg which although it was a bit slow and there was not much walking done, it was pretty interesting and ended at the Heidelberg University that was founded in 1386 so has a lot of history to display. Inside the University they have what was called the students prison where up until 1914 if a student was rebellious or did something wrong they were confined to this prison.

Many paintings and inscriptions spill over each and every wall of the prison and it seems the students probably weren’t unhappy to be here! Here they would stay for days to weeks at a time depending on their misdemeanor but I think those in the student prison probably almost tried to get put there. Lots of drinking and partying would go on here as you can imagine and its really interesting to see the dates of the graffiti on the walls, many of them from the 1800s.


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