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This memorial is absolutely mesmerising and the beauty of it is you can take away from it whatever opinion you have from your own experience here. There is also a museum underneath the memorial which has a very intimate and emotional history of specific people and families who were detained in the concentration camps across Europe. Absolutely free to enter so there is no reason not to visit.


I cannot recommend this company enough! This was by far the best touristy thing I have ever done, especially in a city like Berlin. After doing this tour I realised how much there was for us to see here and how much detail there was in the sad and horrific history here. The great thing about these tours is that they are very detailed, the guides are interesting and they know the city like the back of their hand. Afterwards our guide even sat down with us and located on a map several things we were interested in and told us some more about places where the locals tend to go. It is a long tour however so if you you’re not good at being out and about for 4.5 hours it may not be the best for you, in saying that its very low key so your fitness levels don’t need to be high. 22 euro for students, 24 euro for adults.


This 1.3km remnant of the Berlin Wall is quite spectacular to see. There are over 100 paintings all the stretch from artists from all over the world. The idea of freedom is very present here, the unfortunate thing is that a lot of the gallery has been defaced by graffiti. I don’t care that your friend “smells like poo” it really is not necessary to plaster that all over such beautiful works of art. If you can look past the graffiti you can get a sense of what the artists are trying to capture.


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