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Pleased to meet you Italia

After four splendidly German days in Böhl- Iggelheim where I ate lunch portions that would rival those in America and I cycled through the woods to Wissembourg (France) to eat snails and cake, I am now eating breakfast and drinking caffe in Italy.

I arrived last night to the most spectacular window seat view I think I have ever seen. My Ryan Air plane glided in between layers of clouds that were sculpted like a floating landscape, where the mountains below were displayed like a scene from my childhood favourite The Land Before Time. The mountains which I assume were the Dolomites, soaked up the setting sun and peaked amongst a beautifully eerie, hazy fog. This is what welcomed me to Treviso, Italy.

Treviso is a small historic town about 30 minutes outside of Venice. I stayed in Treviso last night as I arrived late and it seemed a smarter idea than traipsing the canals of Venice late on a Thursday night. Now I wish I had more time there. Treviso seems like a beautiful and small old town, a place to get away from the influx of tourists that smother Venice. I spent the morning in Treviso getting way too excited about prosciutto, coffee, cheese and leather! My god the leather! So beautiful. Although within 24 hours of being in Italy I had already committed the ultimate sacrilege.

Whilst waiting for my train to Venezia in beautiful pure Italian Treviso, I found myself in McDonalds. Oh my god I know, what a crime! What’s worse was that not only was I in McDonalds in Italy, a country known for putting their heart and soul in to their traditional food, but I was drinking a coffee in McDonalds in Italy. I was extremely ashamed of myself, especially because I have been looking forward to arriving here to experience real Italian coffee, the real deal, but I had no choice. All I needed was the internet! And when one needs wifi, McDonalds is a travellers best friend. Feeling like a coffee criminal I downed the cappuccino, sent my emails and got out of there ASAP and I vowed to never drink coffee in McDonalds in Italy again! Thank god for SIM cards with unlimited data.

I have now reached Venice and I am sitting across from the train station waiting for my train to Bologna where I will finally get a taste of real Italy as I head to small town Sassaleone to start my Help Exchange adventure. I will be working for two families over the next two weeks doing various jobs and learning about Italian culture. There will be no touristy destinations and definitely no McDonalds. I will be eating and making pasta and drinking coffee the Italian way, just the way I want it (: If I’m lucky there may even be some vino bianco involved!
¡Viva mi aventura Italia!


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5 thoughts on “Pleased to meet you Italia

  1. Omgosh please go to a cooking class and take lots of photos and notes 🙂


  2. Love, Eat, Pray, your way through Italie, Genevieve


  3. Emilia on said:

    We are all guilty of committing McDonald’s related crimes. You are not alone.


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